How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Android

Recover deleted messages deleted on WhatsApp, some simple steps to help

WhatsApp, a social media platform, is used by many people in the country. In the short term, the WhatsApp, which is the best way to send messages, has become an integral part of many lives. Over time the WhatsApp app has made many changes for users. Often using the WhatsApp app accidentally deletes important messages from you. Then you do not understand how he can recover the message. That’s what we’re going to tell you today.

If you ever want to retrieve a deleted message, you need to backup the chat first. If you have been backed up to Google Drive from time to time, you can retrieve deleted messages. Remember that if you know that an important message was deleted, don’t update the phone at all. This is the first step in retrieving a WhatsApp message. Then uninstall and reinstall your WhatsApp app.

Follow these steps:

Get help with Google Drive / iCloud Backup.

– Uninstall WhatsApp if the chat is deleted.
– Now reinstall from PlayStore.
– Set up WhatsApp from your old number.
– Finally, you get the option to restore the backup.
– Click on Restore and the message will be restored.
– Your deleted messages and chats will come back.

Deleted messages can be retrieved with the help of local backup. This method can only be used on Android phones. The WhatsApp app also creates a local backup on the device at two o’clock every night (as long as on the net).

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