Foldable Galaxy Z Flip shown in OSCARS, launching on February 11

The first glimpse of Samsung’s next foldable display smartphone, Galaxy Z Flip, was seen during Oscars Ceremony. Actually the advertisement of this smartphone has been run here.

There have been reports about the Galaxy Z Flip for a few weeks and its features have been leaked. This smartphone is quite different from Galaxy Fold and it folds like the new variant of Moto Razr.

Samsung’s Unpacked Event is on 11 February. During this time the company will launch the Galaxy S20 series and with this a smartphone with a foldable display, Galaxy Z Flip will also be launched.

It is clear from this advertisement that it is a fully-fledged smartphone. It also has a secondary display which works after it is completely folded. During the incoming call, you will be able to see caller ID on the secondary screen. You can also reply from here.

It is also mentioned in this advertisement that for video calls, you can place this smartphone at a 90 degree angle on the table. As far as the hardware of this smartphone is concerned, the company can provide Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor in it. There will be two primary cameras and a battery of 3,300mAh.

The price of this smartphone can be kept at $ 1,400. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold could not get popularity due to being expensive in India. It will be interesting to see now whether the company launches this new foldable smartphone in India.

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