Cenava N145 has an amazing retro-style keyboard

However, Cenava might not be the top brand name for most of the people in the world, but this laptop has buzzed in the market.

The newest and well-designed Cenava N145 laptop and it completely outshines from the mass with one sole selling point.

The major focus goes on its keyboard that looks very atypical look. The marketing division at TBao calls it “retro-punk,” claims that this device holds its own “practical knocking and light bounce back, thus, that also provides a complete retro appeal in both look-wise and trial experience.”

This laptop boasts with the CPU that has lots of storage spaces and makes it a quick solid position drive and an astounding keyboard. The N145 has a keyboard that gives a complete retro appearance that indicates a perfect selling point.

This laptop is offered at just $399.99 although; the Cenava N145 is a cost-effective and afford to buy. It is Intel Core i7-6600U which is well-suited with a dedicated Geforce 940M GPU with 2GB video memory, and other features are like a full HD display, a full metal body, a backlit keyboard, and a fingerprint reader.

The laptop is available with 128GB M2.SSD by default. An extra $10 comes with 256GB one, and $40 quadruples plenty of storage capacity to 512GB.

This laptop comes with competitive prices and with the Inspiron 14 5000 (5481) from Dell, which also comprises 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD with Windows 10 as well as also features a 14-inch HD display.

The amazing keyboard of the N145 grabs your attention, and it continues to thrive in the market due to its well-designed keyboard.

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