26 million Facebook users’ data leaked online!

About 26.7 million Facebook users’ data has been leaked online, according to a research firm. This includes the privacy information of Facebook users.

Data from popular social media platform Facebook users has been stolen once again. This information was provided by cybersecurity firm CompureTech. This data from Facebook has been collected using an illegal scraping operation or a Facebook API. Researchers found a database that contained data on 267 million Facebook users. In particular, this information has no password. It has the ID of the user, phone number and full name of the user.

Facebook has repeatedly promised to be careful about its users’ data, apologizing often for billions of dollars in fines. In the meantime, data from 267 million Facebook users have been leaked. Most of them are from the United States. Researchers have suggested that the information in the database could be used extensively for SMS spam and phishing campaigns. In the meantime, as we look at this issue, this data is likely to be from the past few years. Because, just days ago, Facebook told AFP that it had made several changes to protect users’ information.

Data was stolen even from smartphones
With the increasing use of smartphones, the possibility of private data theft has also increased. Smartphones have your login in almost all social media apps. At the same time, we perform various types of tasks through smartphones. It also includes various apps. Many of these apps are likely to steal your private information.

What is the solution?
Sync options should be turned off by going to Settings on your smartphone. Sync option combines all the information contained in the phone with the social media app. Delete unnecessary apps from smartphones. Be sure to install any new apps before installing them. You should not log in to any third-party apps through social media.

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